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Presentations and Workshops

Presentations and Workshops


Ideal for:

Group presentations on personal money issues (1 hour or less)

Professional, civic, church, and parent groups interested in learning about a particular personal finance topic, including, but not limited to: debt management, learning how to save, raising money healthy kids, and achieving financial peace of mind.

Group workshops on personal money issues (2 - 4 hours)

Those desiring more depth in one particular issue, or a comprehensive view of personal money management.

Kim has educated over 1000 people on money management issues since founding her business in 2001. Her more popular topics include:

  • “Raising Money-Healthy Kids: A values approach to teaching kids about money”, aimed at parents of children ages 3 to 18;
  • “Smart Women Finish Rich”, taught with Nancy Fredrickson of Edward Jones Investments, is a personal finance overview tailored to women’s needs;
  • “Seven Steps to Escape the Money Fog”, which addresses the emotional as well as the practical steps to creating a sound financial foundation;
  • “Making Your Money Work”, an 18 hour workshop over 6 weeks for women considering starting a business but unsure of their financial skills;
  • and “Increase Your Cash IQ”, aimed at recent high school or college grads preparing for their first job.

Most can be tailored to your needs and the time available, from a 30-minute speech to a 3 hour workshop.

In praise of “Raising Money-Healthy Kids”:

My husband and I attended your seminar …We took away many of the suggestions you gave on helping children learn about how to manage money…In fact, the program is working so well with our children… my sister and her husband …want to put together a program for their own children…Thank you so much for your help!
—M M, Hopkington

You were tremendous! You really engaged the audience and generated a lot of good questions and discussion. I will let the other Auburn PTOs know that they definitely should have you on their schedule next year!
—Elizabeth Johnson, Principal, Mary D. Stone School, Auburn, MA

I really liked her “let them learn” philosophy.
—L B, Hopkington

The seminar was fabulous! I learned a lot of concrete ways to help develop financial healthiness with my child.
—D E, Hopkington

The information presented in the program was eye opening and information that all parents should hear! Kim was friendly, approachable and quite knowledgeable!
—D D, Hopkington

The tips and advice you gave are very encouraging.
—B S G, Hopkington

What participants say about “Smart Women Finish Rich”:

Very encouraging and motivational.
—Laura E., Douglas, MA.

…made me think about what I’m going to do to achieve my dreams.
—L S, Westborough, MA.

Simple, easy to understand approach…very good for young people starting out
—J R, Marlboro, MA

…comprehensive approach to finances and financial planning.
—H D, Acton, MA

Comments on “Escape the Money Fog”:

(what I liked best was) identifying what’s really important to me (to) shift the money for maximum effect and enjoyment.
—P B, Fitchburg, MA

Thank you for taking “the Fear” out of looking at (my) debt.
—Anonymous, Fitchburg, MA

Comforting! Inspiring – gentle but directive.
—C S, Sterling, MA

Interested in attending an upcoming event? Or contact us to schedule Kim to present to your group.