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The holistic, long-term solution to money problems.

New Leaf Financial Counseling addresses your money problems holistically, providing clarity in your money situation, an understanding of the behavioral elements (including emotional and even spiritual factors), and the tools and on-going support necessary to make a permanent change in your relationship with money. The process we use incorporates the best from the emerging field of psychology of money with proven day-to-day money management techniques to provide a unique solution for clients. In fact, many of our new clients are referrals from therapists/counselors or traditional financial professionals who understand the power of our holistic approach to money problems. Other new clients are referred to us by current clients who have found counseling with us invaluable in improving their finances and their quality of life.

Whether you have stressful money problems, are just learning how to manage money, or simply want objective answers to a specific question, we can help.

Have you tried to fix your money problems again and again with little success?

Part of the problem is believing there is a quick fix; refinancing debt or credit consolidation are sold as solutions but, for most people, only provide temporary relief; without changing how we manage money day-to-day, we are soon creating new debt and find ourselves in trouble again.

Also, traditional budgeting just doesn’t work for many people; tips for making it truly effective are rarely explained, and if emotional issues are causing over spending or under earning, simply learning how to budget is not enough.

Making any change in our lives is difficult; not only do we need to learn what to do and what not to do, often we need to change deeply ingrained habits, adopt new habits, even question our basic beliefs. We need to envision the life we want clearly enough to provide the motivation to overcome the discomfort, anxiety, even fear, that we feel as we work through a life change. These feelings are compounded by a history with money that goes back to childhood and shapes current money behaviors, often in ways we rarely understand. No surprise, then, that you may have tried and failed numerous times to get out of debt, get spending under control or increase your income.

For individuals and couples who have failed to make progress in managing their money, despite repeated tries, we offer a structured counseling process in a confidential and supportive atmosphere. Over time, clients learn and adopt effective money tools while addressing the beliefs and behaviors that made change impossible in the past.

For couples, the usual barriers to change are compounded by two different money styles, two sets of financial goals, two histories with money, two belief systems. Money troubles can be the primary source of difficulties in the marriage, or compounded by other relationship issues. In financial counseling, couples learn how to communicate effectively about money and gain an understanding of the roots of their own and their partner’s attitudes, beliefs and habits with money. With improved understanding often comes compassion and a renewed willingness to work together toward a true team approach to the family’s finances. Working with proven tools, both partners can look at their situation clearly and make sound decisions based on real information.

Or are you just starting out?

A structured counseling process is also effective for newlyweds or those who are managing their day-to-day finances for the first time.

Newlywed couples benefit from understanding the source of their differing money styles. They learn to communicate effectively about money from the start and create a partnership approach to the family’s finances, with shared goals and decision-making and a clear definition of daily financial responsibilities. They also set up an effective money management system early in their marriage, getting on the road to financial freedom years before many of their peers.

Clients recently widowed or divorced who have not managed a checkbook or budget before, and may also be facing reduced income, may find that learning new money management skills is made that much more difficult because of their fear, anxiety or insecurity around money. The counseling process addresses both the emotions and the practical tools, allowing these clients to gain confidence and make effective earning, saving and spending decisions.

Individuals just starting out on their own come to understand how their prior life experiences may undermine their attempts to manage money; this understanding and the application of sound money tools allows them to avoid costly mistakes and establish a firm foundation for a lifetime of financial peace of mind.

How does the counseling process work?

We have found that permanent, effective change in money behaviors rarely happens overnight. In our structured counseling process, appointments, either by telephone or in person, are scheduled twice a month for a number of months, then once a month for a period of time, then quarterly and finally annual follow-up appointments are recommended. The number of months at each stage will be tailored to your individual rate of progress as you adopt new tools and deal with underlying money issues.

Counseling is completely confidential and takes place within a supportive, non-judgmental atmosphere. Our objective is to help you be able to see your finances clearly and rationally, so that you can make spending, saving and earning decisions that are consistent with your own personal values, goals and objectives.

New Leaf Financial Counseling provides not only answers to “what to do” to most effectively manage money day-to-day, we serve as a coach, a cheerleader and a guide through the process of changing your money behaviors. Clients also find that counseling creates additional accountability that helps them continue until they reach their goals.

Are you ready to do the work and reap the benefits of achieving financial peace of mind? All it costs to take the next step is the cost of a phone call for a complimentary appointment.

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Simply need quick, objective financial advice?

You may also schedule just one or two appointments to get objective advice on debt reduction strategies or to review and fine tune your current budget or cash flow projections. Other clients have asked for help determining just how much home they can afford, giving their unique financial priorities, or developing a more detailed estimate of expenses during retirement. And yet others have spent an hour exploring the best way to use allowances to teach their children about money.

Unsure if we can help? Contact us to ask; if our services don’t fit your needs, we have a network of excellent professional resources to which we can make a confidential referral.

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