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Are You in Financial Trouble?

This questionnaire will help you determine if you or someone you know might benefit from financial counseling services:

  1. Do you often take cash from your checking account and, at the end of the day, have no idea where you spent it?
  2. Do you feel like you have little to show for your money?
  3. Do you constantly carry credit card debt?
  4. Are your minimum payments on your credit cards so large that they prevent you from saving or doing things you'd really like to do?
  5. Do you ever use one credit card to make the payment on another?
  6. Do you ever charge the entire cost of a work-related dinner or dinner with friends, pocket the cash, and "forget" to pay off the credit card?
  7. Do you have problems saving money?
  8. Do you have trouble sticking with a financial retirement plan?
  9. Do you find it "impossible" to save because of unexpected expenses?
  10. Do you feel that you earning less that what you are worth?
  11. Do you ever feel compelled to buy something immediately?
  12. Has money ever created problems in your relationships with your family or friends?
  13. Do you feel that bankruptcy is the only way out of your current debt?
  14. Do you owe back taxes to the state or the IRS?

If you answered "Yes" to two or more questions, financial counseling can help.

For a free 30-minute consultation, contact us today!

Because we're not born knowing how to manage money most of us can use a little help.