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Book of the month: Earn What You Deserve – How to Stop Underearning and Start Thriving by Jerrold Mundis, in paperback by Bantam Books, 1995.

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Welcome to the New Leaf Financial Counseling Newsletter

Money problems are, of course, always about money, but often they are not only about money... they are about many other areas of life: work, relationships, dreams, even our spiritual life. This newsletter is dedicated to you -- who want to turn over a new leaf in your relationship with money and begin a new life where money is in balance with all other aspects of your life.

Feature Article: Learn to earn your potential

Are you earning less than your potential and unhappy about it? Are you ashamed of how you live, the condition of your home, your clothes, your car? Are you relying on credit cards to boost your quality of life, then suffering stress because of the rising bills?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, you may be a chronic underearner. This isn’t to be confused with those who earn little, but are happy with their quality of life and satisfied with the work that they do... Read the full article

Money Tool of the Month: Tracking Income & Expenses

Key to any effort to change your habits with money is gaining clarity about what you have and where it's going, how much is being spent on necessities, on discretionary items, and to support debt. Gaining clarity requires tracking all income and expenses, every day, to the penny, for at least 30 days.

Many people trying to change self-defeating money habits find that tracking becomes a bottom-line behavior; if they stop tracking for even a few days or a week, the “money fog” rolls in and old habits of overspending or underearning return... Read the full article