Testimonials for Kim Corwin and New Leaf Financial Counseling

Here is what our clients have to say about Kim Corwin and the results they achieved:

I have been working with Kim Corwin New Leaf Financial Counseling for about 8 months now and have learned so many valuable lessons regarding how my "demon dineros" was affecting my life and my life choices.  Kim has been instrumental in helping me identify the core of my issues and has given me invaluable insights into the options and choices I have vs. what I had previously felt compelled to do, almost without reason.  I have learned there are reasons for doing the things we do and Kim in a very non-threatening but informative manner, helps you discover how to make new choices for yourself without giving up who you are.  I would recommend anyone who is fighting his or her own demon to start with asking for help.
—Stacy E.
Business Owner and Executive

I've been helped by Kim's warm personality and ability to listen to my concerns, her ability to understand the difficulties in changing one's spending habits, and her constructive suggestions. As a result of our discussions, I've become more conscious of my money. Now, when I go to a store, I am very aware of my cash outlay. I'm no longer in a fog. Now, instead of facing a huge expense every quarter, I know that I can use periodic savings for those quarterly and semi-annual expenses. Because of Kim's help, I am becoming balanced with spending and saving.
—Annette W.
Financial Analyst

Before working with Kim, I was very anxious about my ability to handle a large inheritance, unable to sleep. I can't tell you how much working with her has eased my mind... and given me the confidence... to meet the challenges ahead. Thank you, Kim!
—Jane K.